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Level 2 Comparable Isolation Gown. 4-7 business day delivery. Currently 100,000 ready to be shipped once payment cleared. Price per gown will be $3.50 USA Dollars. this price includes all fees and taxes, including Shipping cost. Goods will be shipped in 40-60-40 boxed. DHL expedited delivery will be used. please see below for item specifics. Specifications of the Medical Isolation Gowns are as follows: Each gown is made with 40 Gms spunbond non-woven fabric The length of each gown is approximately 110 cms The width of each gown is approximately 152 cms Each gown has ties to the neck and waist area of the gown to enable the gown to be tied. The gowns are one size fit most Each gown has fitted cuffs to the arms The gown colour are white, black, navy and pale blue The weight of each gown is approximately 100g Each gown is Antibacterial, Antistatic, Fluid repellent and Flame delayer The gowns are designed as disposable and single use products Each gown is packed individually
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